Thursday, July 5, 2012

NC Crab Cakes

I decided to catch some crabs and make some crab cakes after noticing the oddly high number of blue crabs in the surf at the beach this past week. I have never seen blue crabs in such numbers.
While catching the crabs was relatively easy, cleaning them was not. I have only "cleaned" crabs once before, and that was at least five years ago. Forming and cooking the crab cakes was actually quite easy once I finally extracted the crab meat.
Living crabs before being boiled
I was fairly pleased with the final product. They had lots of lump crab meat per cake and had a nice flavor. The texture is the main aspect I need to improve on. While there was a nice crispy outside layer from pan-frying, the inside of the cakes seemed a little bit mushy. Hopefully I can improve on this next time I make these things again. I think having a slight crunch throughout the inside of the cake would raise these to the next level. Anybody have any ideas for how to achieve this?

While I am not a regular crabber, it was awesome eating these cakes knowing exactly how and where they came from (I caught them that day!). I also do a lot of fishing at the beach, in fact I spend most of my beach time with rod and reel in hand, however I usually catch and release.

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